Introducing International Sanitary Standards to Sri Lanka.

About Us

Our Vision:

"To be a provider of the latest and best services and products in our field and be the number one company in Sri Lanka"

Our Mission:

"To provide efficient, state of the art hi-tech products coupled with superior customer service, technical support and efficient after sales service, in order to achieve our Vision"

Tzora International (Pvt) Ltd

Being the sole importer & distributor of electronic sensor cut paper towel dispensers to Sri Lanka, we are currently supplying our products to some of Sri lankas large scale corporate entities, five star hotels and hospitals.

As per the feedback we received from our existing customers, the save that was made by using our product has been remarkable. It was confirmed that some of our esteemed customers have saved up to 40% per day by utilizing Tzora electronic sensor cut paper towel dispensers and paper hand towels.

Hence we believe that, this is an ideal appliance for your hotel, office or hospital as of its unique design and enhanced functions. Because, Tzoras high tech sensor paper hand towel dispenser will not only improve your company's service standards but also will keep you in par with the latest technological advancements of the world.